Yoga, Health and Science

I shared this on the Clear Reflection FB page the other day, but also wanted to share it here.  Dr. Timothy McCall is a certified internist and yoga therapist.  mccallHe has spent much of the last decade ” investigating the therapeutic aspects of yoga, as well as the scientific explanations of yoga’s effects.”  He is the author of the book, Yoga as Medicine and many articles on yoga’s health benefits.  He has compiled a list of 75 Health Conditions Benefitted by Yoga which includes 15 pages of references for those interested in the science behind the claims.

If you’ve been wondering if yoga can help with the health challenges you are facing, this list is a great place to start.  If you have a doctor that needs scientific proof, give him this.

If you’ve never visited his site, you may want to give it a view —

Unfortunately, if you use an operating system like Android that can no longer run FlashPlayer, you may not be able to view the site.  I have that problem on my tablet and have sent an email urging him to make changes.  But for now, much of it can’t be viewed without FlashPlayer.