The Name

The Name: “Clear Reflection Yoga” stems from the following quote:

“When, by meditation [or yoga]. we withdraw restless thoughts from the lake of the mind, we behold our soul, a perfect reflection of Spirit.”

—Paramahansa Yogananda

Self-image is influenced by many things: society/culture, family history and dynamics, our work, our accomplishments and failures, to name a few.  Sometimes the person” we think we are” changes as we take on new roles such as marriage, parenthood, dissolving of a relationship or face challenges such as stress, illness,and trauma. These changes can be unsettling, even when they are what we’d call positive.

Yoga provides an opportunity to calm the mind, releasing concerns, ideas about limitations or the stories we tell ourself (or stories we’ve been told by others), so that we are able to see a clear reflection of our True Self — good, peaceful and whole.

It’s like the difference between looking at a reflection in choppy waters and one in calm waters.  Or through a blurry/dirty window and one that’s clean.  You can make out some of the details in the choppy reflection.  But it isn’t until the water (or window) gets crystal clear that the reflection is without distortion.



3 thoughts on “The Name

  1. Hi Deb! I am also a yoga teacher and yoga therapist and I recently moved to Troy, MI. Just wanted to say hi and share that I am incredibly happy that there is yoga beyond power yoga in Oakland county!

    • Welcome to the area. There’s actually a couple of really good studios without any power yoga. I’ll send you some suggestions. I just discovered your blog the other day thanks to a Linda-Sama posting. Really enjoy your writing and topics.

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